Reasons Why a Car Garage is Important

Where do you park your car every night? Probably not outside your home in the open but in a home garage. A car garage is popular and essential in many households. However, some homeowners are still unsure whether to add a garage to their homes or not.

A garage can provide a safe and secure space to not only house your vehicle but also work as a storage space your home items and equipment. If you don’t have a garage yet, you only need to figure out the best garage solution for you and go for it! It is a decision you cannot regret.

Types of Car Garages

A car garage can be attached or detached. An attached car garage is directly connected to the house while a detached car garage is free-standing and not connected to the house. Garages can also be a 1 car garages designed to accommodate only one automobile at a time. Double car garages, as you might guess, are designed to house two vehicles at a time while still leaving room to enter and exit your cars comfortably. Three-car garages house three cars at a time, while four-car garages accommodate four vehicles. Garages can also be tandem – can house two cars but leave no room for entering and exiting. One car will have to be pulled out for the other to exit.

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Why You Need a Car Garage

Having a home car garage is imperative. Here are several reasons why having car garage is essential:

  • Protecting your car – So, its winter and every morning you wake up to scrape off ice and snow off your car. Not only does it add more work for you, but it’s terrible for your car. The more your vehicle is exposed to harsh weather conditions, the faster it will depreciate. A car garage will offer protection for your cars and prevent them from rapid aging. Cars housed in garages are known to maintain their value.
  • Increase your home value – a car garage can significantly increase the value of your home. A new garage can also attract potential home buyers who may need extra storage space. It’s time to boost your home investment by setting up a car garage.
  • Extend your home living space – car garages are not limited to housing your vehicles only, you can use them to store other items and equipment’s which can help unclutter your home. You can also plan and create a man cave, kids playing corner, or even a working area in your garage.
  • Scrap off extra storage fees – why pay for storage elsewhere when you can get it by constructing a garage? Instead of having additional storage expenses every month, why not set up a garage and deal with such charges once and for all. And like stated above, a garage will not only house your car, but you can use it for storing other items too.

Start making plans to add a garage to your home if you don’t have one and enjoy the convenience of secure storage.

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