Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips

Pressure washers are used widely for cleaning purposes in our homes. Maintaining this tool requires careful understanding of its basic and key parts. Improper use of this machine can lead to the developments of problems that are costly to fix – you tend to constantly visit the pressure washer repair centres. To help you save your money and time, we have compiled the following maintenance tips to help you keep your pressure washer in good shape and avoid common mistakes.

#1:Don’t leave water in the pump

It is important to remember flushing the pump after every use because leaving water in the pump can cause mineral buildup and corrosion. This can also push up the pistons and seals which cost about $200 to fix. You can prevent this by using a pump lube or antifreeze solution. Press the trigger of the pump inlet after screwing the garden hose adapter to it. Keep pressing until foamy liquids gush out of the other port. Then you can rest assured of protection against freeze damage. Always repeat this flushing after every use.

#2:Protect the washer before storage

The lifespan of the engine of your pressure washer can be extended by draining the oil in the crankcase after each use.Before running the engine again, refill the engine with fresh oil then run it to ensure all its internal parts are coated with oil and anti-corrosive additives. So, during storage, your washer is protected and the engine stays intact before the start of a new work session.

#3:Utilize a hose extension

The extension hose can help you ease the washing of the deck of your pressure washer. This can be problematic with the normal 25-ft hose that normally comes with most residential pressure washer because you may have to be moving the machine as you work. But a 50-ft extension makes it possible for the washer to be static while you work. Although a volume and pressure drop is experienced with this extension hope, still it ensures effective cleaning of most surfaces.

#4:Use connector coatings

Sometimes friction can cause breakage of the O-ring as you make a connection. Even when regular oil is applied, they wash off when wet making the connection fail. The best approach is to use a silicon plumber’s grease. They hardly wash off and they work for all types of O-ring. Attach its container to your machine and apply every time the O-ring has a dry look.

These maintenance tips can go a long way to ensure efficiency, reduce stress and keep you off the repair centres. Take care of your Pressure washers;they will pay you back with a good cleaning job. However, ensure you get your pressure washer from reputable suppliers. You can as well get Unimanix pressure washer repair service when the road seems closed with DIY.

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