Organize Your Dorm Room With Sticky Loop Tape

Living in a dorm room, especially with another roommate, isn’t easy, but with the right organization, you can make campus life and sharing a small space with your dorm-mate as clean and organized as possible.

First things first, because you’re living on campus, there’s a strict set of rules students need to abide or else suffer the possible consequences of a move-out fee charged as ‘damages’ which is: no duct taping, nailing, or drilling into the walls, ceiling, or doors.

With this in mind, how to keep your computer wires tidy and not roamingacross the floor, for you or your roommate and friends to trip over, unplugging or damaging your laptop! It’s essential to your peace of mind and ability to focus on your homework without significant distractions. Nobody imagines what a pain it would be to have all your homework erased because of an unfortunate tripping accident due to a laptop cable snaking across the floor.

Keep your computer wires from falling behind the desk or trailing the ground by investing in what hardware industries and the computer tech world rely on to keep their gear safe: sticky-back loop tape cable catchers.

Never Heard Of Loop Tape?

I bet you’ve never heard anyone say “…hook and loop tape fasteners,” but the legal fact is VELCRO® is the patented invention generically termed loop tape, touch fasteners, hook and loop, and a few other generic names.

In the computer tech industry, velcro cable wraps that utilize the technology of hook fasteners are made to withstand the heat, weather, and potential moisture without losing its strong and tight seal.

With industrial strength adhesive backed cable catchers, you can stick your computer wires or hang just about anything with a handle or loop to hook on the wall, desk, ceiling, or even a fabric shelf.

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