Nuss Furniture storage in Sydney

The Benefits of Using A Professional Removalist

For short or long-term furniture storage at great prices, visit Nuss removals. Nuss removals provide safe, cheapest, long time and short-term storage facilities in Sydney. If your new home is not prepared yet or you have a plan to visit abroad, let us take care of your belongings. We ensure caring and safety of your property as well. We provide select dedicated vehicles that will bring the removal storage units direct to your residence. We use two different types of containers, including wooden modular ‘Nusstrainers’ and steel storage containers to store your belongings. You will get satisfaction from our hassle-free smooth working environment and flexible handling system. All items in the containers should be numbered, listed and tagged by our expert consultant and will be moved at your home in one movement.      

We have high standard storage facility system. We will monitor your items every time to confirm the safety of your belongings. 

Working method-

Our flexible storage system is very much budget-friendly. It allows you to pay for containers by cubic metre, and you don’t need to pay for a whole unit. It hugely reduces your shipping cost. If you choose our storage, you will be able to save more compared to other self-storage units. Again, we can relocate and retrieve your belongings very quickly. Our working method is mentioned below:

1. Pre-move survey-We offer a no-obligation pre-move survey. We will visit your home to record the type of items and their size to restore for you. This visit helps to understand the perfect storage quote and the number of trucks and containers you need.

2. Work with care-We started secure and affordable furniture storage facility in Sydney. We have trained expertise packers. It is easy for them to maintain the right packing techniques. We offer a wide range of protective wrapping for essential materials such as furniture, big-screen TVs, and expensive fine art pieces.

3. Modern and fully equipped vehicles for transportation-We provide modern vehicles with most advanced moving technologies to deliver your goods safely. These vehicles contain excellent tools and supplies to make the packing and transport systematic.

4. Especially created inventory-All your items will be tagged, numbered and listed during our pre-move inspection. It will help to find your items easier.

Storage and removal options in Sydney:

  • You can pay by cubic metre, not by unit
  • Comfortable handling of large items
  • Both long and short term arrangements are available

You can discuss your removal option with your Nuss removal consultant at any time. If you want to enquire anything about how to pack and stores specific belongings, your consultant will always be there to help you.

Storage insurance policy:

Our storage insurance policy is optional. You will get a refund if any damage occurs during the whole process. You may ask for your insurance options with your enquiries as well.

Required storage space:

Your needed storage space depends on the size, amount, and shape of the items you want to store. It includes the type of thing also. Some items need several layers of wrapping where special items like statues or art pieces need special containers like crates.

If you want to confirm the perfect volume of commodities you need to store, it would be better to go for an in-home inspection. You can also submit our quick quote request form to get in touch with us as well.

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