Maintenance Of Rubber Floors

Composed rubber from recycled tires, rubber surfaces are made of a malleable material resistant to weather conditions.

However, they are characterized by dilation and contraction according to the climate. On a hot day, for example, you will see that the plates will be more “stuffed.”.” While on colder days, they may shrink.

This process happens naturally – however, throughout its useful life, the floor tends to retract rather than expand. If the floor is not installed correctly, this contraction and expansion process can create small cracks between the floors.

Therefore, the moment of installation will make a real difference in the quality of the final result: to avoid creating these cracks; each plate must be installed tightly with some interference – otherwise, large spacing can cause tripping.

In this way, the floor gains more malleability to absorb the pressure from one plate to the other. When they expand and when the plates shrink, the difference will not be noticed.

Another good strategy is to stick the floor between the boards or the floor so that the plates do not move with the natural movements of expansion and shrinkage. The fastening by pins, of easy installation, does not allow the floor to move and drag the plates improperly.

The floors can open small cracks, which happens with all products manufactured with this material anywhere in the world. However, this does not affect its main characteristic: security.

There are, however, cases in which the punctual replacement of the rubberized plates becomes inevitable. In these cases, one of the advantages of flooring is the possibility of exchanging a damaged tile for another.

For this reason, it is recommended that you always have extra plates. Suppose a possible reinstallation or repositioning of the block is necessary. The periodicity of maintenance will depend on the climatic conditions of the place and the intensity of use and may vary between 2 to 5 years. Remembering that problems resulting from natural shrinkage are only more common after 3 or 4 years of use.

If signs of shrinkage of the floor are very expressive in a short time of use, such as a survey with deformed or puffed sides, you have likely acquired a low-quality floor. It is advisable to have a commercial floor mats at the entrance to remove dirt from shoes and help maintain the rubber floor.

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