How Window film in London can Protect Your Home

Window film is a block out product that has become a popular addition for the home. The range is available in an assortment of colours from UV resistant to mirror, bronze and dark blue tints. Films have received much attention as a protective residential feature serving to deter criminals and possible intrusions. It is an added layer of security for any property as it prevents unauthorized persons from viewing household contents and reinforces the glass. Learn why more homes are using modern window films.

What is Window Film?

Window film, otherwise referred to as a tint, is a product applied to the inside of windows incorporating a tinted base or colour. The purpose is to obscure the public view into the property. This is achieved by reflecting natural light, creating a dark or mirror image. Residents will be able to view the outside, but passers by will not be able to view the interior.

The film reinforces very thin glass. Should the glass be struck and broken, it is more difficult to penetrate as the film supports a shatterproof consistency.

Benefits of Window Film

The tinted window makes it difficult for criminals to view the inside of your home. Window film is available in many colours and consistencies including a clear coat. To minimize the ability for potential intruders to see your household contents, choose films that best reflect daylight or produce a mirror finish. When the sunlight hits these products, it leaves the exterior glass dark or mirrored. You can still see out, but outsiders will be unable to view the inside of your home.

It is important to understand that a window film with a tint will work against natural light. To prevent the interior being exposed in the evening, curtains, blinds or window treatments must be used. Window film in London is activated against outdoor light, but should be discussed with a professional installer.

A superior film is applied to a residential window, to make the glass shatterproof. A glass without the support of a film may splinter and shatter when struck by an object making it easier for potential criminals to gain access. The film holds the glass together. When it is struck, rather than splinter, the pieces remain together. This makes it more difficult for entry into the property and would take more time to remove.

Calling on a professional window film installer will determine which products are suitable for your property. The service includes UV resistant tints to prevent the harsh rays of the sun from causing interior damage and poor temperature regulation.

The most common use for modern window films is the security it offers. While it does not make windows impenetrable, it can minimize the quick and easy shatter that happens when it is hit or cracked.

To receive the maximum benefits of window films, call on a professional and certified window installation company.

From its cosmetic improvement, to its security features, window film contributes to the protection of your home and is an affordable residential modification.

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