How to Choose the Perfect New Kitchen in Sheffield

Whether your home is in Doncaster, Rotherham or Sheffield you’ll be proud to know that kitchens in this county are world-famous for producing some of the best home cooking and hearty meals to have whet our appetites for years.

Whether you are cooking a sumptuous Roast Beef with Industrial units Yorkshire pudding dinner or slicing up some Wensleydale Cheese, you’ll need to be crafting your culinary skills in a luxurious, functional and inspirational kitchen.

The perfect kitchen design needs to be one that works for you. Given there is only a limited space in most homes to store and position units, your kitchen needs to be thought out clearly by interior kitchen designers, such as Classique Interiors of Yorkshire.

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Work surfaces available can suit all preferences and any budget. Very popular these days are mistral, natural granite and hardwood tops. Moreover, all appliances are fitted using the top brands such as New World, Belling, Siemens and Bosch among others.

The design of your kitchen needs to be meticulously thought out. Positions of cabinets, units and appliances cannot simply be moved into impractical areas. Many kitchens these days are designed to make use of all the available space. So, this includes placing work surfaces often in the centre of the room – providing there is sufficient space to allow for it.

The perfect kitchen should also take into consideration the position of some of the storage cupboards. It is pointless having a storage space high up on the wall where many cannot reach it and the entire process of designing, fitting and creating your new kitchen must take into consideration your lighting needs too.

Ergonomics Matter

Ergonomics determine the way space blends in and flows throughout your kitchen. Functionality really does mean a lot to someone who spends three to four long sessions in the kitchen every single day. The height of worktops and cabinets and the layout of your kitchen are all taken into consideration when you choose the perfect new kitchen in Sheffield.

Many modern kitchens are designed to have a bit of living space added. Breakfast bars or a counter top where family members can snack on a light lunch or simply sit down and drink coffee are popular requests from those seeking out the perfect new kitchen.

Classique Interiors of Yorkshire can design, fit and recommend the best options for your new kitchen and as any estate agent will tell you a beautifully fitted, new and practical kitchen in the home will add real value to your property. So they are perfect for Sheffield kitchens so give them a call if you need a new kitchen.

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