How to Add an Extra Room

Look for space within your present living area to create an extra room. You might have unused space in the basement, an attached garage or perhaps you can even consider one of these money saving loft conversions. Building an extra room should increase the market value of your home. Make the space inviting, so family members will actually use the space for watching movies together or entertaining friends. Having an extra room will free up other parts of your home during dinnertime or homework time.

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  1. Locate a space in your home to add an area that is at least 15 x 20 feet. Measure the space carefully and examine all practical needs for the room. Enlist an electrician to see if your home’s heat pump will accommodate the extra space. Make sketches about running new wiring, ductwork and vents. Figure out the route for plumbing and drain lines to add a bathroom to the new space.
  2. Design the bonus room on graph paper. Use one space of graph paper to represent six inches of real space. Make one wall the focal point of the room, so consider adding a fireplace or media cabinet to that wall. Sketch the spacing of sofas, tables and a table for board games in the media room. Include a small bathroom with just a commode and vanity, if that’s all the space you have. Carve out room for a closet to hide games and clutter.
  3. Frame the bonus room using 2 x 4 lumber boards. Nail framework in place for the bath and closet. While framing is open, run electrical wiring to all outlet boxes and light fixtures you will install after adding drywall. Staple roll-type fiberglass insulation between studs on exterior walls and in ceiling areas between rafters
  4. Work on the bathroom area. Hire a plumber to help you install a commode and vanity cabinet. Don’t seat the commode until you install flooring. Connect all water lines and drains, caulk the area and nail drywall into place in the bathroom.
  5. Cover all framework of the bonus room in drywall. Finish with joint compound, sand and prepare to paint. After you’ve painted and cleaned up the mess, add flooring to the bonus room and bath. Go back and seat the commode after bath flooring is in place. Install the baseboard materials last for the new area. To make the process easier, paint the baseboard materials before you put them in place. Touch up the baseboards with paint after you install them.

Extra Tip

Hire a carpenter to assist in any special tasks affecting renovation of the exterior of your home. For example, you might want to add extra windows. Working on the exterior is a more complex job, since mishaps can hurt your home’s value. Spend money to enlist professional help when changing siding or brick, installing new doors or windows, or changing a roof line.

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