How does Surveillance affect test scores

The increase in the incidents of shootings incidents in schools has been on the rise lately. It has been observed that most of these school shootings are associated with bullying cases gone bad. Nevertheless, administration departments in schools have made security their top priority.

You have your eyes on ‘everyone’:

Your school campus is challenging especially because it has too many out-of-sight areas such as classrooms, corridors, storage rooms, emergency staircase. This makes it a potential ground for ragging, violence, property destruction and other heinous activities.

Schools have joined hands with premier companies such as Homeland Safety Systems that providesschools with much cost-effective security solutions.Creation of an Emergency Management System has become imperative to your school’s safety. In the event of an emergency, this system makes use of a digital remote internet software to provide quick information about your school. This will help emergency crew to tackle the situation with minimum collateral damage. Critical information such as the school floor plan, location of fire extinguishers, camera locations, and video feeds of various areas.

Security and productivity guaranteed:

A safe and secure environment motivates both your school staff and students to put in their best efforts in the study. The presence of an extensive surveillance camera system does more than providing safety for all. It provides a unique opportunity to closely scrutinize the work of the staff and the response of students. It has been observed that there has been as much as 30% increase in the productivity of the teaching staff along with the student grades, esp in all those schools that have got surveillance systems installed in the premises. These video feeds have helped teachers modify their interactions with students. This enables them to learn more and learn well. With higher levels of security, you can be assured of higher levels of accountability.

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