Have You Considered a Refinished Basement?

Many houses have basement space under them which could potentially be converted into a valuable addition to your home.  However, this space is often filled with the furnace, washing machine and a variety of boxes.  It is not usually the most inviting room in the house.  Unfortunately this means you are missing out on some great potential.

A refinished basement can provide a beautiful new space; it can be laid out as one large room or several smaller ones or even be used to provide an independent home for an elderly loved one.  There are a few things which you should consider before you undertake a project for a refinished basement:


The first thing you need to assess is the height you have available.  If you are lucky there will be at least six and a half feet of clearance in all areas of the basement.  This will make a refinished basement project easier.

If the height is limited in areas you will either need to incorporate this into your design or look at digging the floor out.  Considering the floor and walls form the main part of your foundations it is worth consulting a professional refinished basement firm to ensure this can be done safely.

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Once you have assessed the space you will know how large the area is and you will be able to design the space.  There are several key elements to any good design.

The first is to look at any natural light coming in and which room will benefit the most from this light.  For example, any bedrooms which are going to be in the basement will be more pleasant if they have light from a window.

You will also find that a space where people will be socializing will benefit from natural light; this will help to draw people to the space and keep a positive attitude.

Perhaps most importantly the design has to work for you and what you want to do with the additional space you have found.

Purpose of Refinished Basement

It is worth considering the purpose of a refinished basement.  If you are intending to add value in order to sell your home then you will want to keep the space as open as possible and neutral colors.  It is about making potential buyers believe the house is theirs before they buy it.  If the refinished basement is too personal it will put buyers off.

In addition, you will want to limit the funds you spend on extras if you are simply intending to sell it.  Of course, if you are hoping to use the space for years to come then it is best to focus on what suits your needs best.

Electrics and Plumbing

Finally, it is worth looking at the electrics and plumbing.  These usually go through the basement and can be in the way of any refinished basement design.  It is important to assess whether they will need to be moved or if you can simply conceal them and work round them.  The solution will usually be a combination of both.

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