Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service Boulder CO

A hardwood floor makes a home beautiful. It gives it a warm glow and feel. However, over time, it can become grimy, dull, and dirty-looking. That takes away from its charm and makes you feel like you’d rather not have it in your home. Instead of completely replacing your hardwood, consider a cleaning and recoating that can save your floor and save you money. With our hardwood floor cleaning service Boulder CO, you will notice a significant improvement in your floor’s appearance without completely stripping it or replacing it with another type of flooring.

Over the years, grime and dirt builds up on a hardwood floor. Cleaning it professionally is the only way to ensure that you really get it as clean as possible. Mopping it regularly with products that won’t harm hardwood is definitely helpful, but it doesn’t completely do the job. You need expert help to get the floor looking as shiny and clean as possible.

Hardwood is meant to complement the décor in a home, but it can’t do that when it doesn’t look its best. With a good hardwood floor cleaning, screening, and recoating, your floor will be as good as new. You can add life to your floor by doing this every two or three years, depending on the wear the floor receives.

We will come to your home or business and thoroughly clean your floor. We will use products that will ensure that all of the dirt and grime on the surface of the floor are removed. Right away, you’ll notice a big difference in the appearance of the floor. Then we will screen it and recoat it with one coat of finish. This helps lengthen the life of the floor and to keep it looking its best. Your floor shouldn’t go for years without care and love.

With this simple step, you will make your floors look fantastic. The screening process removes the top layer of material on your floor and makes it easier to recoat. This instantly improves the look and feel of your floor. It’s like giving your floor a second life. We can then recoat it and make it look gorgeous.

Give us a call when you’re ready to get your floors cleaner than they have been in years and to give them a new lease on life. We are proud to provide the best hardwood floor cleaning service Boulder CO offers.

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