Fine Opportunities for the Right Condo Cleaning

House cleaning should not take too much time. We are sure each of you will find something more enjoyable and interesting for yourself. However, one should not neglect the maintenance of cleanliness, since dust in corners and mountains of dishes in the sink can’t be properly justified through the concept of “creative disorder”. To regularly clean the apartment is faster, take on the following tips.

Do the cleaning according to the rules

The primary rule of cleaning: move from top to the bottom. You need to always follow him. No matter how much carefully one collects the crumb on the table, they will still fall to the floor. Even wet cleaning of various surfaces should be carried out before you start to wash the floor.

Another important aspect is the development of the most effective route. Try to follow it every time so that you do not miss anything and do not go back to the missed areas. Essential opportunities for the condo cleaning services Singapore are now here for you.

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Define the intervals

Many people do the cleaning of the whole apartment on the same day of the week. But this is not the most effective way. In fact, different zones are polluted at different rates. Try to create a cleaning calendar for the zones at intervals of different length for each. Use applications for reminders.

Correct the intervals depending on the time of year and in special cases (for example, if relatives come to visit you).

Use the right tissues

Do not use rags or gauze as rags to wipe dust. It is better to take a special napkin from microfiber. They don’t leave a fiber behind, don’t shed or roll down, absorb more water as well as at the similar time absorbs less amount of liquid inside fiber (which means faster washing) and quickly dry out. They can (and should) be washed. But do not dry such rags on the battery.

Wash the dishes immediately

  • Once again, think about buying a dishwasher. If this option is not suitable for you, then simplify the process of washing in the sink
  • Develop the habit of washing dishes right after eating, without waiting for the shell to fill up
  • The council is simple, but many people neglect it, although just the shell, full of dried, dirty dishes, is so scary for you. Immediately after the meal, washing a few plates and glasses will take just a few minutes

If you are accustomed to a long dinner of several dishes accompanied by a leisurely conversation, then for you an additional life cycle: before dinner, draw warm water into the sink with a small amount of detergent and put the used dishes right there so that it does not dry out.

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