Finding the Right Movers and Storage Yards

Moving can be a hassle, lifting all those boxes and all that furniture. Nobody like it. Is it better or worse than having unwanted furniture in your home that you need to get rid of but can’t? That’s up to you, but extra furniture and moving are both big headaches. Sometimes you have to deal with both at once. There are professional options for both.

Some companies will move your stuff, some store it, some dispose of it. It can be tricky to find one who can do all three. You need to call around and ask about what kinds of moving, storage and disposal options are in your area, even if you’re in need of Brisbane to Melbourne removals. While many companies only specialize in one of these, they may offer other services from the list without focusing on them.

But what makes for a good moving, storage and disposal service? The answer is, as always, quality. What kind of trucks do they haul with, old run-down wrecks or well-used but clearly maintained machines? Do their storage units look secure, both from break-in and weather? Is the storage grounds clean and kept up, or does this storage yard need some garbage removal of its own? When can they come pick up your unwanted furniture- this week at a set time, or in three weeks during a six-hour window? These and more are what you need ask yourself- and the company you’re looking at- before selecting one.

As always you are going to need to find more than one option and get quotes. Price is important, but you have to consider the factors above. Odds are the cheapest option is not going to be the best one, which doesn’t mean the most expensive will necessarily be the best.

You should see a storage site before you rent space from one and you always make sure to look at other customers reviews. Don’t just pay attention to their ratings: This is an important enough expense to actually get into the reviews and see what they say. Look at why people didn’t like them. Were they rough with the furniture, or late, or have a bunch of hidden fees? Read the good reviews as well to see what people did like about them- were they very nice, took special care of the customers things, or find ways to offer additional services for their customers? This is also worth knowing. There are always people who disagree on quality, but by seeing why they had problems or compliments you can figure out if the bad outweighs the good or not.

If you’re simple having things removed from your house you still want to pay attention to these factors. A bad company may be able to rough up the furniture being picked up without bothering you and be cheaper than others, but if they damage the walls or door frame or your other possessions on their way out then it wasn’t really worth the savings.

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