Eliminate contaminated spaces by hiring Renovco decontamination services and stay safe

Product contamination takes place owing to biological contaminants and if so there are devastating results. There is a need again for an expertise to eradicate fungal and bacterial contaminants from production and laboratory spaces and equipment.  From incubators to animal operating rooms and aseptic clean rooms, there is a need to decommission. Hiring experts like Renovco decontamination services, you are assured of cutting edge technology and you can get back to business soon.

Decontamination of hazardous substances

The places having hazardous materials and chemicals means there is a possibility of contamination.  Thus it means providing decontamination services across various industries ranging from civil defense to pharmaceutical. The decontamination is about assessing and eliminating the environment risks causing human health, making it to usable levels.

The site decontamination includes various contaminants such as carcinogenic substances, toxic chemicals and infectious materials. There are chemical spill responses, site machinery decontamination such that it should be prepared for use, full-site decommissioning and restoring and clearance of hazardous waste materials. The expert companies such as Renovco follow these procedures as decontamination services:

  • Site assessment- This involves ascertaining the possible solutions to ensure it is effective and safe decontamination.  The essential sampling mapping and analysis is undertaken, thereby including the facilities of evaluation, such as ventilation and HVAC equipment.
  • Customized solutions- This may be individual rooms or units requiring decontamination. Having specific customized solutions means cleaning equipment in an extensive range right from furniture and ducting to laboratories and refrigeration systems.
  • Preventive services- This is a support offered to clients in the long term by offering ongoing solutions and also consultative report so that recurrence of such issues of contamination is averted. Also to prevent other occurrences. This may include supplying prevention kits, anti-mould products, HVAC coating with antibacterial products or decontamination ad-hoc services.

Avoid contamination disaster by accepting Renovco decontamination services and you can also enter into a contract service. These expert companies have field application specialists to work in partnership with your team so that a site-specific plan is developed to eliminate biological contaminants, if required.  You can reach them anytime you need and as a service call, they offer:

  • A responsive service minimizing the downtime
  • assurance of certified ISO 9001 quality system
  • accessing online your equipment certification and inventory
  • customized documentation services inclusive of technical writing

With all these service offers and procedures you can steer away from contamination.

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