Dust and Fume Extractors: Benefits and Functionality

Many people are of the opinion that having a dust and fume extractor is nothing but a waste of resources. Well, without a doubt they are wrong. You cannot have a filter or a collector do what these extractors are designed to do for your workplace. An extractor not only helps take out the dust but all the harmful fumes which are not possible with a filter.

Benefits of dust and fume extractor

Apart from the obvious benefit that these extractors keep the workplace clean and help take out all the harmful fumesat periodic intervals.

  1. The dust collectors are only good for taking away the dust but what about the fumes from solvents, paints or even welding?This is where the collectors fail no matter how expensive they are. It is at times like these that you need to get an extractor installed which is strong enough to extract out even the last bit of fumes from the building and prevent them from coming back.
  2. One problem with collectors is that you need to constantly worry about their positioning, size along with the number of extractors that you might need so that they are able to do their job efficiently.This is not the case with the dust and fumes extractor. They are easy to install and are often easy to relocate to suit your needs.
  3. Compared to the health and the maintenance cost that you would have to bear in case of a poorextraction the cost of these extractors is nothing. They, in the longerrun, prove to be more economical and efficient.
  4. The collection efficiency of these extractors is really high,and they are designed to deliver the same performance levels no matter what a load of dust is or the pressure inside the building.

You do not have one but many different types of dust and fume extractors designed to help you get the desired results out of them.So, how do these extractors work to ensure the workplace remains safe for working and is free from all sorts of contamination?

  • It all begins with the extraction process where a huge intake area is installed with the extractors to accommodate all the air that would come their way.This will give them the capacity to perform under high pressures and still maintain the same level of performance.
  • Unlike the collectors, the extractors not just filter out,and collector but also moves the contaminated air away from the building. It ensures that air, in no way, moves back inside because that, to be honest, will defeat the whole purpose of extraction.

There is a huge fan attached to the extractors that would help fan out the air away from the point of initiation.

So, if you are concerned about the people who work with you and the safety of the products you make, then do not settle for anything less. It is about time that you choose the best here http://www.integratedair.co.uk/dust-fume-extraction/.

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