DesignBoard: Composite Decking that Stands Out

Composite decking is a relatively new decking option which is made using a mixture of hardwood and synthetic materials. The unique combination of materials allows for composite decking to offer the best of both worlds, offering the authentic look of traditional wooden decking yet requiring minimal maintenance such as that of plastic decking.

When it comes to searching for composite deck boards however, many people can struggle to determine which are the best, with all companies claiming that they offer the best products. In line with this today we thought that we would discuss one of the most innovative and amazing composite decking products on the market – DesignBoard.

DesignBoard FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding DesignBoard are as follows… Through providing these we hope to provide all with a good insight into the composite decking brand.

What colours is Design Board available in?

There are eight different colours readily available, these are Amber, Greenwich, Mocha, Silver, Cinnamon, Luna, Polar and Traditional. As well as this you can get DesignBoard in a further 20 colours with a 5-7 week lead time.

Does the colour of DesignBoard fade over time?

DesignBoard does fade but only ever so slightly, by about 1% per year. This is hugely favourable to timber which fades at 17% per year.

How is DesignBoard installed?

DesignBoard is installed using an invisible clipping system. It is chosen by many due to how quick and easy it is to install.

How do you clean DesignBoard?

DesignBoard is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, rarely requiring specialist cleaning products. In the majority of circumstances DesignBoard can be cleaned with water and a brush or a jetwash.

How big should the gaps be between boards?

The gaps between each board should be 4mm, both between the long edges of the boards and between the short edges. Thanks to the invisible clipping system in which DesignBoard utilises uniform gaps are easy to create, providing a neat finish and saving time every time.

Is every board the same or is there a range of pattern variations?

Although the base colour of the material is the same on all boards, there are a range of different patterns to provide variation to the surface finish.

What’s Stopping You?

If you have been considering new flooring for your outdoor space, DesignBoard could be for you. Don’t hesitate to look into the fantastic flooring options today; we are sure that you will be thoroughly amazed!

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