Crowdfunding for sick homeless people

Have you read of those instances in the news, about a homeless person who actually commits a crime for the sole purpose of getting arrested, and in turn getting medical treatment in jail? Sounds horrifying, isn’t it? Well this is the state of innumerable people in India, who live on the streets. We aren’t saying that everyone should commit small time crimes to get medical treatment – but it does speak volumes about the state of sick homeless people in the country. This has us thinking about the impact that a crowdfunding India could have, on the state of homelessness, especially with regards to getting medical treatment.

It’s not unknown that more on more families have turned to medical crowdfunding to afford the expenses of treatments or hospitalization. Online fundraising is gaining momentum fast, because people are beginning to realize that through crowdfunding India platforms, one can raise money so much faster and more efficiently, as opposed to medical insurances or loans. These scenarios however, are only valid for people of middle and low income groups, who actually do have access to concepts such as medical insurance and loans. Granted that they’ve often failed as a solution for these populations too – all we’re conveying is that such options exist for them. Now let’s talk about homeless people. They live on the streets, under bridges, or on railway platforms. They have little or no food, the bare minimum of clothing, and no source of money. Where then, does the question of insurance or loans even come up? The fact remains that these are the populations most vulnerable to infections, illnesses, diseases, and health problems. The reasons are innumerable – they may be scavenging for spoiled food in garbage bins, not having access to toilets, or bathing facilities, and simply living in unsanitary environments. This way diseases can spread so easily, and ensuring that more citizens in our country stay diseases free, irrespective of their financial background, is the only way to prevent more lives from being lost to illnesses, and lack of treatment.

At Impact Guru, we believe that the benefits of a crowdfunding India should be available to everyone, including homeless people. We do also realize that many homeless people may not know the concept of online donations, nor have the technology that would enable them to run campaigns. We ar however, a community of people that must look out for one another. So we urge you to start a crowdfunding campaign if you see any homeless person in need of dire medical attention. You may directly help a homeless person you see suffering, or have a health camp to organize vaccinations and check-ups, or distribute basic medications – all of this can easily be crowdfunded for, with a simple campaign on Impact Guru. It’s up to you to have a positive impact on a person’s life, so start today!

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