Buy A Sheesham Wood Bed & Shazam – Drift To A Sleep Paradise!

What is the point in having a massive bedroom without using the right bed with utmost comfort? Sleep is the most important factor in one’s life. Sleeping on a bed should feel like sleeping on a cloud sailing to heaven. The comfort and luxury of sleep given to the body significantly impact your entire organ activity. It not only activates your organs but also refreshes the mind and relieves it from stress. A wooden bed is a perfect choice as it is traditional to use and at the same time durable. Wooden beds are of many types like engineered wood, mango wood, teak wood, Sheesham wood etc. Sheesham wood bed is ideal and affordable than the other types to most people. It comprises fine grains and rich brown colour. Wakefit has a variety of Sheesham wooden beds, which are of excellent quality and sturdy.

Why should you go for a Sheesham Wood Bed?

Fifty percentage of the furniture sold is made of Sheesham wood. It shows that Sheesham has a universal acceptance when it comes to furniture. This particular type of wood naturally blends with any type of home décor and bedroom style. Here are a few factors which tell you why you should not miss buying a Sheesham wooden bed:

  • Heavyweight and Durable

Sheesham wood, when compared to the other types of wood, are quite heavy and durable. They do not warp easily and are sturdy. Due to their heavyweight, they do not creak when you move or turn sides while sleeping. Sheesham wood beds are strong, dense and can be used for kids too. Make sure you don’t end up buying a bed that wears out too quickly. Lightweight beds that squeak and creak during the night may disturb your sleep and increases your stress levels. Moreover, these beds are highly durable and adapt to any kind of weather. They do not have the problem of retaining moisture during the rainy seasons. It is vital to choose a dense and solid wooden bed to ensure a good nights sleep. Storage wood beds are mostly made of Sheesham wood as they can handle the weight inside.

  • Easy Carving

Sheesham wood is more flexible to work with for any carpenter. This wood is generally the hard type that does not split easily. This characteristic makes it easy for the carpenter to experiment and implement his best skills in carving. Hence the makers can give a wide variety of designs and products in this type of wood. If the wood is strong enough to endure blows, there is no compromise on the design and style. Beds stay robust, bold and beautiful when made out of Sheesham wood. If you have any unique design in mind, you can confidently give it to the carpenter or manufacturer to work on Sheesham wood.

  • Affordable

Sheesham wood beds, when compared with teak wood beds, are very much affordable and give us an exclusive variety of products. It is wise to choose a Sheesham wood bed as they are firm, durable, easy to assemble, and of very good quality. Moreover, Sheesham wood beds do not give you the burden of extra expenses for maintenance. Therefore, they are very much cost-effective when compared to the other types of furniture.

  • It has a Variety of Shades

Sheesham wood, by nature, has a beautiful texture full of grains. It gives a chestnut shade which is of a dark brown with a tone of red. This colour variant gives a rich and lustrous feel to the bed. Sheesham wood beds come with many colour shades in the market with different finishes and styles. The natural shades render an appealing look to the room and complement your home décor. The grains vary from a plain finish to heavier spots. Each grain is unique and well defined. The Sheesham wood shines after being polished well and gives a smooth finish. Choose a wood bed design that goes hand in hand with your room furniture and other interiors.

  • Long-lasting

Sheesham wood beds can be counted on when it comes to longevity as they are termite resistant and water-resistant. Termite or pest control treatment is not necessary when it comes to Sheesham wood beds. Sheesham wood is considered the better option always due to its long-lasting nature and resilience. It also has an inbuilt resistance to decay. This wood withstands hand waxing and gives it a smooth surface. Sheesham wood beds are used in locations with fluctuating moisture levels due to their high resistance to moisture. It also has a natural oil content that makes it resistant to fungi, dew, termites and water. These Sheesham beds are also susceptible to wood-boring beetles. All these factors increase the lifetime of the wooden bed.

  • Available in various Styles and Sizes

Sheesham wood beds are available in various sizes like a king-size bed, queen size bed, single bed, double bed, bunk bed, platform bed etc. The largest is the king-size bed and is used in large master bedrooms. A bunk bed or a single bed is mostly used in the kid’s room or the guest bedrooms. Apart from the sizes, there are different styles of wooden beds. One major type is the Sheesham wooden storage beds. Society highly accepts these beds as it is one of the best solutions to storage problems. They help in organising and de-cluttering the bedroom. There are other types of beds with drawers, box patterns, stand-alone beds etc. Drawers slide from the sides of the bed, whereas box patterns open at the top. Choose the one which works for you.

The best way to choose what suits your room is to search for a Sheesham bed online. There will be a large variety of beds and designs to help you pick the right bed. If you don’t find the right one, you can customise a bed according to your needs. With so many designs and options available, anyone can afford a Sheesham bed.

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