Building a House Starts with a Good Foundation

The foundation is an essential, but often overlooked, part of building any home or permanent building. You don’t want to risk creating a house that will start cracking or being unstable after a few years: a solid foundation is an important factor for well structured and safe houses.

A good foundation is more than extracting soil and debris-it involves laying a sturdy, solid base that is integral to the integrity of the home. Hiring a reliable excavator for the foundation of your house is of the utmost importance and will create a healthier, longer-lasting home for you and your family.

Giglio Landscape’s Fairfield excavators are the top professional excavators in the area for home and residential excavation services. Over the years they have gained experience in home foundation excavation as well as lot subdivision, yard grading, and other excavation services.

Factors to consider before excavation

  • Type of the soil

Soils differ in texture and withholding capabilities. A good excavator ensures that the ground you want to build your house on can sustain the building. Often, if the ground is not right, excavators will work with you to come up with a solution to for creating a solid foundation for your home.

  • Water level

If the water level is high, you may need to take special consideration for excavating and laying a foundation. Water has the ability to erode and eat away your home’s foundation, slowly making it unstable. Knowing the potential for this ahead of time allows the excavation company to take the proper precautions to keep your foundation strong and stable.

  • Nature of land

All bushes, trees, and other vegetation should be cleared. A clear land will be easier to excavate and set the boundaries of the building space.

Tips on creating a solid foundation

Many defects in houses occur because the laying of the foundation was messy. An unstable building means the basis of its foundation is not well laid. Fairfield residential excavation contractors ensure that the foundation is well built and their tips include:

  • Construct on good soil-not all soils are suitable for constructing a building;
  • Excavation process should be perfect-perfection entails that the excavated land is even with well-structured bacon. The ground should be firm and dry;
  • Doing more than digging up soil-a good excavators ensures that the earth is sustainable and level of excavation is related to the structure being erected;

Excavation is the first step in building a house. If you take shortcuts during these vital steps your home may not be strong enough. A solid foundation means that factors such as humidity, rain, extreme heat and other factors do not affect the house. Even in times of massive floods and minor earthquakes, your home will still be unshakeable.

Bottom Line

Excavation involves more than digging and needs a lot of research on the soil and water level. The structure and nature of the earth need to be compatible with building a house.

If you want your house to last for many generations hire an expert to ensure the foundation of the house is good. The excavator needs to have a proven history of successful excavation. Everyone is capable of digging up soil, but only an expert and professional will go an extra mile to ensure your home is built to last.

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