A Sleek and Modern Look with Classic Origins

Adding a new art collection or piece to create a new presentation is an exciting process designed to complete the interior design of a room. When you are presented with a blank canvas on which to add depth and beauty, you will find many different and elegant choices out there. However, when you see the available designs that transcend the ordinary, you will begin to put together a piece or collection that will transform your home.

For many, the modern and contemporary look has become very popular in the home. Whether your entire interior is built around this concept or you have a special room that you have transformed into a new and exciting style, adding a high quality metal wall sculpture is an enticing idea that will bring beauty and form to your home’s landscape.

Enduring Art

If you are looking for a bold, yet understated look that adds a strong Nordic heritage and unsurpassed quality to your collection, there are many eye catching designs to work with. When you visit the catalogue, you will experience a collection with superb materials and rich finishes to choose from. If you are looking for a metal wall sculpture, there are designs and finishes for every home and room style.

Enhancing the artistic vision of your home comes to life when you see the styles available. Once you have settled on a style and combination that you feel will work in your space, then it’s time to select the materials and begin to see the final vision of your design.

If you have chosen zinc, it will be hand selected from the finest choices and expertly mounted onto a base of oak. The paint, a stunning dark, rich gray will put the final touches on the piece and provide a bold, impressive presentation. The unique and subtle differences of each piece can only add to the stunning appeal they will provide you.

By contrast, perhaps you will like to create a sculpture from brass. You will not be disappointed with the brushed brass presentation that is mounted onto an oak base as well. Again, the unique properties of this versatile material will only improve over time as it develops its own patina. While the surface can be affected by temperature, room humidity and even a fingerprint, with proper care this stunning material and design will become a focal point in your home for many years to come.

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Steeped in Tradition

These talented artists, emerging from a strong background in artistic expression and creativity, have designed a collection of styles and options that transcend what has been seen in the art world. The original pieces, hand crafted with skill and utilizing the finest sourced materials will provide inspiration, peaceful reflection and add harmony to your interior design.

You’ll feel a strong connection to Nordic heritage with these bold, yet understated styled and materials. Adding a metal wall sculpture to your home from these creative pieces begins with your visit to the catalogue and viewing of the many configurations you can create. Whether you are seeking to add a piece to enhance a special area of your home or add a main focus to a room where you entertain, this collection is a great way to add a modern touch to your traditional environment and home.

Bold Individuality or Fluid Movement of Style

When you see the suggested combination of pieces, you will enjoy the beauty of the way the pieces work together to invoke a sense of gentle movement or how a single piece can create a beautiful area of relaxation and reflection. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the many ideas that are sure to come while perusing this collection.

If you need more inspiration, be sure to seek out one of the showrooms or dealers to get more ideas for creating this amazing art for your own personal space.


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