9 Practical Tips To Prepare Your Roof For The Hurricane Season

You can never be sure of what can happen once the hurricane season kicks in. And so to protect your property — your roof, in particular — from the possible damage strong winds and torrential rains can bring, it’s important to prepare your roof for it. One of the ways you can do so is by hiring a reputable roofing contractor Hanover PA to help you thoroughly inspect your roof’s condition.

In this article, we’re giving you more helpful tips on how to minimize the damage of the hurricane season to this vital part of your home.

Do your research. Though you may not realize it, a huge chunk of your hurricane preparations relies on research — from looking for a trustworthy roofing expert to knowing how to maximize your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Consult a professional and get expert advice. Addressing roofing concerns isn’t as plain as merely googling how-to’s and doing things DIY-style. To ensure your roof will be fully protected, it’s a must to seek professional advice from a dependable roofing company in your area (it’s better to consult with a local as they’d be familiar with the typical hurricane situation in your town).

Conduct a comprehensive roof inspection. Speaking of a credible roofing contractor Hanover PA, you would also need one to help evaluate the condition of your roofing system — from the shingles to the gutters to the chimney. Any existing damages (or potentially worsening ones) should be addressed immediately.

Replace damaged shingles. The shingles are vital in keeping the structural integrity of your roofing system. Hence, it’s only rightful to pay special attention to them. If there’s any missing shingle, replace it as soon as possible. You should fix damaged ones before the hurricane season comes.

Clean your gutters and drainage system. Minimizing hurricane damage isn’t just about making your roof as sturdy as possible. You also have to keep your gutters drainage system clean and leak-free so that water can effectively flow off your roof.

Trim surrounding trees. With branches getting swayed or cut off by strong winds, your roof (and other parts of your home) can get severely damaged. Make time to trim any surrounding trees (and remind your neighbors as well to do so).

Invest in hurricane straps. In some states, the installation of roof tie-downs or hurricane straps is required to provide reinforcement for your roofing system. This is one essential investment especially if you live in areas where the impact of hurricanes can be quite huge.

Examine your insurance policy. As mentioned, you can never predict how damaging a hurricane season can be. One of the best safety measures you can do is to cover yourself financially by getting a homeowner’s insurance. Make sure to review your policy on a regular basis.

Consider installing a new roof. There are cases when a roofing contractor Hanover PA may recommend the total replacement of your roof. In some instances, this move can be more cost-effective than addressing several existing issues in preparation for the hurricane season.

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