8 Different ideas of bathroom pictures to hang on wall

When decorating your home, you should never forget about your bathroom. It’s a room that you might spend a good half hour of your day before you even go to work. You should make sure that every minute that you spend in it won’t bore your mind with blandness.

If you are in need of ideas for bathroom pictures to hang on wall, you should check out the 8 we’ve provided below. They are inspired by different designs and serve multiple decorative purposes. You’ll find a use for them whether it’s for a vacation house or an apartment in a busy city.

  1. Color Palette

A plain art that you can add into your bathroom is a color palette. It can be any color palette. An arrangement of your favorite colors or even the colors that you used while designing your home. This gives you something to look at that doesn’t take out too much from the theme.

  1. Garden

A painting of a garden can add the much-needed greenery inside your bathroom. If you aren’t able to add actual plants in your bathroom, this is the best approach to have when it comes to bathroom pictures to hang on wall.

  1. Vibrant and Reflective

You can use reflective materials that will reflect the light in your bathroom. Together with this should be a vibrant piece that will benefit from the light that will be reflecting off of it. This can add depth to your bathroom if you are in need of it.

  1. Mirror Image

Are you looking for something creative to do? Why not hang something that looks entirely different when looked at on a mirror? This is something fun to look at especially for your visitors that will have to do a double take.

  1. Photo

Instead of hanging a painting, you can hang a photo. The photo can be modified with software or just taken and put on the tile wall as is. If there’s a place that you think would look good as a picture hanging on your bathroom wall, take a snap of it with your phone camera.

  1. Landscape

Any art featuring landscape will go great with your bathroom. Like garden art, they can add a vibrant feeling in your bathroom thanks to the greenery. If you capture the sunrise or sunset with your art, you will also feel added depth – perhaps even inspired.

  1. Faux Storage

If your bathroom is filled with storage spaces for whatever you’re bringing in, have a little fun and put up a convincing (or not) art piece of a cabinet or storage. Watch as new tenants or even guests in your home get confused as they try to reach for the handlebar of the storage.

  1. Avoid Faces

One thing to note is that you should avoid hanging faces for bathroom pictures to hang on wall. Not only will they get awkward whenever you’re on the toilet or changing your clothes, but they might also even become creepy when you are looking at the mirror.

You can do so much when it comes to bathroom pictures to hang on wall. In case, you’re looking for more ideas, visit Just DIY Decor today!

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