7 Photogenic Features That Will Make Your Home Perfect For Profiles

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When building your online profiles, style is important. It isn’t solely about the foods or outfits that you snap but also the backgrounds that play a significant part in how content performs online. This is why the most successful influences create brilliant settings within which to capture their content.

Foodies will have well-lit kitchens that showcase beautiful cooking utensils and ingredients while fashionistas will have clean, statement backdrops in front of which to pose, usually also having decor that will help items to pop too.

If you want your own profile to reach a great following, then your home is a great place to start and there are a number of great features that will help to take your content to the next level.

Statement Wallpapers

Having a single, bold and colourful wall upon which to capture photographs is a great asset. In addition to bringing a brilliant and eye-catching style to your feed’s aesthetic, it will also help to build your visual signature. Followers will begin to associate your chosen style and colour with your profile, whether that’s a tropicana-inspired wallpaper or a deep burned orange that adds visual warmth to your posts.

Period Pieces

Having artefacts from previous decades can conjure nostalgia and showcase rare aesthetics. Some influencers might celebrate vintage furniture, such as those made with eye-catching 1960s mod designs, while others make use of more recent but nonetheless cherished 1990s toys.

Log Cabins

Among the many cottagecore and eco-friendly influencer pages, there are a host of fantastic natural backdrops, often set among the garden. There are then those who buy log cabins to take their profile pages to the next level by embracing the wild outdoors at home. Having an outbuilding allows you to make simple use of garden space and create a dedicated outdoor area for beautiful photographs.


Whether brought home from an exotic trip abroad or sourced from a local sculptor, having a large design piece, one that is three dimensions, can be an audacious statement piece that helps your home to stand out.

Natural Lighting

Those who photograph regularly will understand that lighting defines their content’s quality. In the home, it’s even more important because light can often be limited. While there are a number of artificial lights that can help to elevate photographs, natural light is not easily replicated and is considered to be among the most flattering types of lighting for images.


Books not only have an aesthetic appeal, with beautiful and intricate designs, but they can also add dimension to your content through association. If you are sharing your newest food creation, having a shelf of cookbooks in view can add depth to your inspiration.

Less Clutter

One of the most basic ways to make your home more photogenic is to remove clutter and only include the most essential elements within the frame. The remaining items of your decor should be those that elevate quality and, together, create a sense of well-defined style that matches your personal brand. Other objects that don’t contribute to this aesthetic will only distract and detract.

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