5 Things you Need to Know Before Calling a Plumbing Company

When you have a clogged toilet or the water heater isn’t working properly, you’re thinking about calling the pros to fix them. You’re trying to remember about the number of the last person who came for a similar problem, but you just can’t find it.

Then you decide to turn to technology like everyone would these days. On the internet, there’s everything. You’re searching on search engines about plumbers in the area, but realize there are so many and you don’t know which one to pick.

All plumbing companies are going to offer the basic services, but what happens if you have a more complex issue? Even if you don’t have anything complex, you still want the person or the team coming to your house to do a fast, accurate, and clean work. You want professionals.

In this article, we are going to explain to you how to find these professionals. You can do this by simply asking them 5 key questions. Read on if you want to know what these 5 key questions are, after which you’ll certainly form an opinion with ease!

1. Are they licensed?

A company working in the field of plumbing simply must be licensed by the official institutions. If the one firm you’re looking into can’t provide a valuable license, you need to hang up the phone immediately and look for someone else.

The license is important for many things. First, this is the way to avoid illegal competition, and second, without it, firms won’t be held responsible for anything by anyone. Nothing will stop an unlicensed company to go on their way without doing their job until the end. If you give them money and they don’t do the job, you can be sure that no one can touch them afterward. Except the police, of course, but this is a terrible way to end a leaking faucet, right?

2. Do they have an Insurance?

What’s a business without insurance, right? Whatever happens on the field of work must be covered by an insurance company. This is a job that often has terrible consequences. Unskilled workers who are not cautious might even lose their job if they don’t operate the equipment properly. See more about the importance of insurance on this link.

If something like this does happen, the plumbing company won’t be happy to pay for the damage. If they have no insurance, you’ll have to pay for it off your own pocket. That’s why it’s the smartest to look for the one plumbing firm that has great business insurance and will cover the damage easily.

3. Are they experienced?

All of the professions in which people work by hand and on the field require skill and experience. There’s no university diploma for being an expert professional plumber. A good one differs from the bad one by the way they do their job.

Those who are the most experienced have seen so much in the past. They can handle everything by just seeing where the problem is. If they are not skilled and experienced, they’ll wander around the house not knowing what to do. You don’t need someone like this. You need plumbers who have already done something similar to your problem countless times before.

Just like any other profession, if you have no experience in doing it, you will not be capable of delivering top-notch service. This is the reason why you must ask for the workers’ experience. If they are all young and just starting the job, you need someone else. Someone who has years of practice and will fix your faucet in seconds. Learn more about gaining experience on the link: http://www.genfkd.org/5-ways-to-gain-work-experience-without-a-job.

4. Can they handle the difficulty of the situation?

Sometimes, as we mentioned at the beginning, some things can’t be fixed with just a simple set of pliers or clamps.

Let’s say that you had broken sewage in the backyard. There’s nothing you can do but to dig in the ground, find the leak, and replace the pipes with new ones.

This job requires not just skills, but machinery, knowledge, and skilled workers who will know what they are doing. It’s not a simple task, but it has to be done. Look for a company that will give you a guarantee to get the problem fixed and take everything into the previous position.

They might need to find other contractors for this, and this is a price that you’ll have to pay out of your pocket, but think about it – are you happy to take the shovel and start digging yourself? Do you have an excavating machine? Of course, you don’t. That’s why it’s best to pay for the service and wait for the pros to do their job.

5. How good they are in the community?

When you open the internet, you can find information about any business out there. The plumbers are no different. Just type in your keyword and see what happens. For example, commercial plumbing services will instantly show you a ton of results about companies in this field who are located near you.

Not all of these are great. You need to find the best one after revising the points from above but also paying attention to what ordinary people, like you, think about a certain business. See which company ranks higher and which one can’t be trusted.

All of this information is available on some of the many pages dealing with this industry. There, you’ll see people not only reviewing and scoring but also commenting and sharing their opinions about working with a certain firm. Those firms who receive more negative comments, should not be considered.


It’s not easy finding the ultimate best choice. There’s always a chance for mistakes. However, doing your share of research is enough to cover all bases. If you follow these points from above, you can be sure that you’ll hire the best ones in the area.

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