5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Mixer Grinder

If we look at a modern day kitchen, mixer grinder is one of the most widely used appliances. It is used for different purposes and plays an integral role. The market offers several different types of mixer grinders. Thus, it becomes a tedious task to make the selection of the best one.

If you are looking forward to buy the best mixer grinder, then here are a few factors that you should look into prior to the purchase:

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  1. Power of the Motor- Motor is the key component of a mixer grinder. If you want your mixer grinder to carry out the functions of a juicer, then you must opt for a motor that has more power. A power of 750 Watts is usually a good value for a mixer, which can also be used like a juicer.
  2. Number of Jars- Before buying mixer grinder, you must check the number of jars that are being offered. Usually, you must opt for a mixer grinder that provides minimum three to four jars with different blades and capacities. This way, you can carry out wet grinding in one set and dry grinding in the other. If your mixer grinder is a juicer, then it should come with a separate juicer.
  3. Speed Regulator- Another important thing to check before buying a mixer grinder is checking the speeds that it comes with. Mixer grinder with juicers must have an option of low speed as slow speed is very much essential at the time of juicing because it churns healthy and tasty extracts properly. There should be minimum three speeds in the mixer grinder. Some new mixer grinder models come equipped with an electronic speed sensor, which gives you the option to program the grinding at the same speed right from the start to the end.
  4. Material of the Jars- Most people often overlook this factor as they think that it is not important. You must opt for jars that are made of stainless steel so that the food that you grind remains healthy and free from any rusting. The material should also be less prone to damage and be very durable and strong.
  5. Safety- Always make sure that the mixer grinder you buy is safe to use. It should have a locking mechanism for locking the jars after they have been placed properly in the socket. Important features like a power on or off indicator, electricity off or on resume protection and non-sleep feet will ensure that the mixer grinder operates smoothly without any glitch and effort.

So, make sure that you look out for all these factors when you go to purchase a mixer grinder. Choose a design that is compact and portable like Singer mixer grinder and it should look good with the interior of your kitchen and complement the other kitchen utilities. These factors are sure to help you make an informed decision so that you get the best buy.

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