What Are The Latest Kitchen Remodeling Trends?

Learn All About The 8 Latest Trends In Kitchen Remodeling 

Your lifestyle and personality are reflected in the way you manage your home. Are you more concerned with usefulness than with aesthetics, or vice versa? Knowing that our kitchen is the heart of our daily life, we want it to be as perfect as possible for our needs.

Have you ever felt like you want to maximize your space, add a twist to your kitchen, or do a major renovation?

Get inspired by these 8 trendy styles to help upgrade or remodel your kitchen from the design experts.

  1. Streamline Designs & Add Textured Materials

You like to come home and find a kitchen where you can be stress-free, so you need a lot of space. A simple look is a hit! Opt for a simplified kitchen style, but very functional.

Streamlined designs don’t have to be boring when you add textured materials. If you really want open shelving, cut the wood to look natural, or you can use metal tubing to portray an industrial attitude.

To make an eye-catching focal point, natural tiles are a great idea. You can also create backsplash tiles that are beveled, sculpted, or stacked. Such textures are very different from the usual glossy or polished finishes that we see around.

And for the ceiling, a coffered ceiling treatment (sunken panels), wooden beams, and trays are perfect options to give it an extra touch.

  1. Smart options

The modern kitchen is now adapting state-of-the-art appliances, sensors, and devices, from designer kitchen faucets and sinks to high-tech appliances and lighting. It’s convenience at its best and is meant to enhance the functionality of our daily lives.

 a)A smart faucet is the ideal first foray into adding technology to your kitchen. Sensor faucets that can feel your hands underneath before the water comes out. Some have a one-touch feature and some have an auto-stop. This can be great for improving cleanliness, or for those who are disabled, have arthritis, have children, or just want a fun upgrade.

 b)A refrigerator that has a mind of its own may sound scary, but it is very useful. You can be alerted when you are running low on stock. For example, there is a Family Hub refrigerator, with a built-in touch screen, WiFi connectivity, and interior cameras.

 c)A programmable coffee maker that prepares your coffee just before you wake up.

 d)Your kitchen lights can now be controlled via your cell phone or tablet. Wow! That is a clear picture of kitchens with integrated technology.

Even if you are a technophobe, you can enjoy smart options for your kitchen. Devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are doing a great job of helping us make smart devices part of our everyday lives.

  1. Custom colored cabinets
  2. a) White cabinets are out.

White for your kitchen is rapidly losing popularity. It was the style of the classics before, but many owners now want freedom and innovation.

  1. b) Multiple colors

Whereas kitchens in the past were limited to a single shade, now it has evolved to different colors. You can mix different colors while playing with texture to create a minimalist design.

  1. c) Two-tone

Combine a wooden cabinet with a painted one(either the top or the bottom). Experimenting with a two-tone design requires an experienced custom cabinetry contractor who knows how to complement colors.

  1. d) Experiment with dark cabinet colors

A few splashes of green and blue can impart a new ambiance to your kitchen. You might want to try some bold jewel tones like navy blue, plum, emerald, or black.

Dark tones can add a dramatic essence to a luxurious atmosphere. Be careful not to go too dark with all the accessories, and choose lighting that sets the desired mood for your style.

  1. Ventilation without hood

The current trend in cooker hoods is to be hoodless! Homeowners like this minimal option, with a downdraft hood also a popular choice.

  1. Clutter-free counters

The principles of minimalism mean that everything should have its place and the current trend is to have clear and tidy counters. Building a new kitchen? Remember to create ample storage space.

According to this trend, not even a coffee pot should be on the counter. No matter how expensive your kitchen appliances are if you can hide them away to tidy up, just do it.

  1. Use natural stone

Incorporating natural elements can balance all the colors you have chosen for your new kitchen design. Have a kitchen countertop made of natural stone.

Stone is now being used for tall backsplashes and waterfall edges by designers. Some styles include taking the stone all the way up to the ceiling, right down to the hood vent cover, and drawer fronts.

It’s important to find the right contractor who has experience working with natural stones, to help you bring your ideas to life.

  1. Matte is beautiful.

Matte black hardware and accessories in the kitchen are a bold attempt to replace the usual light tones. It’s a remarkable turn from the usual kitchen style.

What once seemed like a strange choice is now becoming fashionable. Matte-finish kitchen countertops, cabinets, and hardware appeal to homeowners looking for quality, durability, and easy maintenance.

  1. Black and white with a touch of gold

The sleek look of black and white in the modern kitchen is all the rage! The perfect contrast will never fade as long as you don’t leave it as it is. Add a few touches of soft gold tones (satin brass) and you can transform a dull space into a luxurious-type kitchen.

Complement hardware with gold plating, such as doorknobs, cabinet edges, light fixtures, and cabinet handles.

Looking for ideas for your next kitchen remodel should be the fun part! These eight trends can help you determine whether to incorporate new trends into your plans or stay with traditional ones.

Either way, choosing an experienced kitchen remodeler who can handle the design and build stage is an important step.

Our team of designers at Done Right Home Remodeling will make sure to consider every element in the process so that you have a fantastic kitchen with plenty of storage space and the right cabinet features.

Best kitchen remodel in Santa Clara by Done Right Home Remodeling will make certain that your kitchen designs make your home look stunning and serve you well, and provide high-quality overall living comfort.


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