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It’s quite common to find a lot of homes in the Reading, Berkshire area to be constructed of wood in some parts of the design. The floorboards, the roof trusses the structural beams under the floors and in the walls, usually, all this is made out of wood and in some cases, where developers may have tried to cut corners to save on building costs, the beams themselves may have been left untreated and in a ‘raw’ state that leaves them vulnerable to marauding invaders.

Its early twilight and as the sun begins to set you see them, flying in from the south in droves, ready with weapons of war, they are coming to take your home from you and rot you and your family’s home from the inside out. There in now escaping their powerful jaws and what they lack for in size, they make up for in numbers. In case you are thinking about Kamikaze pilots, racing through the air on the way to destroy your home, relax, we are not trying to spook you, we are just talking about those pesky little critters called termites. Termites are a funny insect, for some reason they like to set up shop in the strangest of places, usually right under your nose.

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One fine evening as they take to the sky, they may find themselves flying through and open window, right into your guest room. However, this was not any normal termite, this was a queen termite and she is looking for somewhere to call her home and raise her brood. To your complete unawareness, she burrows through the wooden closet footer and makes her nest in the dark, dry gap underneath your closet floor. Over the next few months she gives birth to a couple thousand underlings and they all decide to wander off into your home to find food and check out the area. It’s about this time that you will probably notice them, walking across the floor and you may not even take too much notice of it the first time, but by the time they start showing up in every room in the house, you know you have got a problem that is escalating out of control and could cost you your home in the end.

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That’s when you need to take action and make sure these little critters get out of your home before you have to. Do some research online and find a pest control specialist, aka, an exterminator that operates in the Reading, Berkshire area and find out if they offer termite removal. Check out the client testimonials to make sure that they offer a follow up service to make sure that the termites are gone for good and that they won’t just be diminished, only to rebuild their colony a few months later. A quick call is all it will take to book their services and before you know it, your termite or woodworm problem will have flown away as soon as it had arrived!

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