Home Safety: When Bars are Necessary

Windows are one of the best parts of a home. They fill the home with natural light and allow for relaxing views of nature. The can also add an artistic touch to the home with variations in shape. Many people find that their favorite room in the house is the one with a nice sunny window to sit by. Parents also enjoy keeping an eye on their kids while they are outside playing. There are times, however, when windows can pose a danger to the people in the home. Burglars often use them to break into homes. There are some reasons that some homes are more likely to need burglar bars.

Main Streets

Some homes are nestled inside neighbourhoods away from busy traffic and main streets. This can be a great safety feature. When people break into a home, they are looking for an easy getaway. Homes near main streets may be a great candidate for burglar bars on the windows, especially those in the front of house. Back windows are not always a big concern, as a closed in fence will hide the majority of them. Front windows, however, are a big issue. There may be hundreds of cars that pass by everyday on a main street. Many people may also walk by on the sidewalk in front of the house. Bars on the windows can be a deterrent.

Downstairs Windows and Corner Lots

Homes that have an upstairs may wish to protect their home by placing bars on the downstairs windows. It can be more difficult to hear noises from outside when you are relaxing upstairs. You may not hear if someone is trying to break in. Downstairs windows are a major entry point in many burglaries. Corner property lots are also more risky than homes further down on the street. These homes are near the entry point of the street, offering an easy getaway for robbers. Window burglar bars may make them decide to pass up your home.

Pets and Kids

Sometimes the problem with windows comes from the inside of the home. Pets and kids often enjoy looking outside. Both may be too rough near the windows. A dog may jump up to bark at someone outside, placing paws on the window. This force can cause the window to break, harming the dog in the process. Kids are the same way. Young children do not understand how easily a window can break if they hit it with their hand. Bars on the windows can protect your family form the dangers of outside. They also offer a little barrier from the rowdy occupants indoors.

Windows are a beautiful part of the home that offer light and d├ęcor. They simply need some added strength to keep the home safe in some situations. Depending on where your home is located, bars may help. Consider the safety statistics of your city and property location, as well as the activity level in your neighbourhood.

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