Expertise in Fawkner Real Estate

Finding the right property is no easy job, especially in an attractive area like Fawkner (located 13 miles north of Melbourne), which is currently regarded as the area’s “best kept secret.” Finding the right property, at the right price, requires skill and a fine-tuned knowledge of the area, which is why it’s wise to align with a smart realtor who knows the fine points of a housing region intimately. At the same time, selling a property at a great price is another activity that calls on experience and knowledge. For both of these jobs, look to Patrick Ascenzo Fawkner real estate agent.

A Qualified Guide

Patrick Ascenzo comes to the Fawkner real estate market with a wealth of knowledge about this attractive suburban area. He offers great skill in marketing properties and knowing how to place them so they get the best possible price. Patrick is a native of the area as well as a professional who stands by his clients throughout the buying and selling process, and who has his finger very much on the pulse of the market here. He is also highly knowledgeable about the most cutting-edge marketing approaches available today. All of this makes Patrick Ascenzo one of the most sought after realtors working in Fawkner today.

Aligned with The Best Firms in Fawkner

Patrick Ascenzo is currently working with Hockingstuart, a top name in Victoria real estate. This association helps to bring clients even more support and quality service as they navigate the home buying and selling market in Fawkner.

Navigating the Home Buying Market

People who know Fawkner know that it’s a highly attractive area with much to offer those who live there. Making a home-buying decision is obviously complicated, and it’s a decision that must be carefully thought through. Buying a home involves more than just the cost of the house. The neighborhood, the local culture, the home’s amenities and the local real estate market data must all be weighed carefully before a decision is made.

These considerations can be stressful to review, which is why it’s to important to have an experienced and involved realtor on your side. Patrick Ascenzo brings all his knowledge of the market to the table, as well as to his own research and analysis of the Fawkner real estate scene. All of this helps clients find the right property at the right price, with a minimum of stress.

For those who are looking to sell their property in Fawkner, Patrick is available to work will sellers and get them the best asking price. His solid track record of selling homes above the asking price speaks volumes about his skill in this area.

There is more information about Patrick Ascenzo and his track record of real estate marketing success available on his website. Take a look and see what he has to offer, and get ready for a successful real estate transaction in the Fawkner, Coburg North, Pasco Vale or Brunswick area.

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