Clearabee Wins the Co-op Group Three-Year Tender


The largest co-operative in the UK, the Co-op Group, has recently awarded its rubbish collection tender to Clearabee. This tender is set to run for three years. Previously, the co-operative had given the contract to Biffa, the firm with the largest volume of rubbish collection in the country. The tender shows great trust in the capability of the relatively new Clearabee, especially since the job involves a large number of retail stores and funeral homes.

The Three Year Tender

The Clearabee deal is limited to a period of three years. As most people already know, the Co-op Group operates a large number of businesses all over the UK. Since the 19th century, they have managed to acquire businesses and even start new ones. Currently, they have the second largest chain of supermarkets and retail stores in the UK, and the rubbish of most of these stores will be managed by Clearabee. To be specific, the rubbish removal service has been tasked with the collection of rubbish in 2500 stores. In addition, they will be expected to clear trash in 1000 funeral homes that are run by the same co-operative.

On-Demand Service

As an on-demand waste removal service, the firm will deal with unexpected rubbish such as broken items. For such a task, the company needs to have workers in all parts of the UK. This is because the retail stores are located all over the country. Whenever their services are needed, they will have to be available. Clearabee has experienced massive growth in the past few years, and that is what has given them the capacity to undertake such a task. Since 2015, they have had access to mainland Britain and Northern Ireland, and this gave them the boost needed to grow exponentially. They now have offices in about 60 locations in the country. This allows them to serve the retail stores of the co-operative without much strain.

Ethical Waste Disposal

For a very long time, the Co-op Group has been known to promote ethical business practices. They were strong campaigners against the adulterating of food and the profiteering of shopkeepers. The company is also very cautious about how their hazardous waste is disposed of, and that is why they hired the services of Clearabee. This waste removal company is known to dispose of rubbish in environmentally friendly ways. With this firm, the Co-op Group will also be able to ensure their employees work in the most sanitary environments.

Even though the co-operative has significantly reduced its waste, the waste removal firm is expected to handle 5,000 rubbish collections every year from the retail stores. All this will be handled by the firm’s 250 employees since they don’t believe in subcontracting. They simply train as many employees as they need, and this is one of the reasons why they have been highly reliable and consistent. According to the senior contract manager of the Co-op Group, the company was favoured because they can operate reliably, at a large scale, and exactly when and where they are needed. Subcontracting to smaller firms would make them lose control of some parts of the process, and that would reflect negatively on the rubbish removal company.

Clearabee Rubbish Removal Company

Clearabee is one of the largest on-demand man and van trash removal companies in the UK. The firm only works with its employees, and they exclusively use their 100-vehicle fleet to complete their tasks. The company is best known for its timeliness and environmentally-friendly rubbish removal practices. It was started in Birmingham in 2012 but has since expanded to all of the UK.

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