7 factors which prove 4 blade fan is better than 3 blade

Are you going to buy a new ceiling fan for yourself? While on the shopping spree of the best-in-class ceiling fans out there, you might come across a wide range of models & product specifications. One of the most common variations with respect to the ceiling fans is the number of blades in different fans. It is quite common to find the 3-blade fans in India. Whereas, in other countries like United States of America, you will come across ceiling fans with 4 blades. If you are confused between the two, we will help you understand the importance of both through this post.

4-Blade or 3-Blade Ceiling Fans –which One to Buy?

For many years until now, there have been several debates over the performance differences in the 3-blade & 4-blade fans. The conventional argument has it that 4 blade fans tend to operate slowly in comparison to the 3 blade fans. However, with several advancements taking place in the field of technology, it has been observed that speed turns out to be a much smaller portion in the performance equation. Therefore, most buyers are now looking forward to buying 4 blade ceiling fans in comparison to the 3 blade ceiling fans –and they have potential reasons for the same.

  1. Air Circulation: As far as the functioning of the ceiling fans are concerned, it must be noted that fans are not meant for cooling the room. They simply lower down the room’s temperature by promoting effective air circulation in the room. As such, when it comes to better air circulation, there is no denying the fact that 4 blade fans are highly efficient than the 3 blade ceiling fans. This is the reason why most people prefer 4 blade fans over 3 blade fans for their homes.
  2. Less Noisy: In comparison to the 3 blade fans, the 4 blade fans turn out to be less noisy. Owing to the increased circulation of air in a balanced manner across the room area, the ceiling fans with 4 blades produce less sound and circulate more air throughout.
  3. Useful with Air Conditioning: When you are using an air conditioner, there are times when you need proper air circulation to dispense off the feeling of suffocation. This can be easily achieved with the help of a ceiling fan with 4 blades instead of the 3 blade fans. Therefore, most of the homes with air conditioning prefer installing fans that are available with 4 blades.
  4. Stylish Designs: If you are concerned about the overall aesthetics of your room décor, then you can consider installing ceiling fans with 4 blades rather than those with 3 blades. This is because there are a variety of design& style options when it comes to buying the fans with 4 blades.
  5. Blade Characteristics: The overall blade size of the fan and the number of blades do matter significantly. The bigger is the fan blade, the more airflow the particular fan is able to generate. Similarly, having more blades in the ceiling fans also reflect increased airflow in the surroundings.
  6. Power: The 4 blade ceiling fans are known to generate larger drag. This directly corresponds to more power and increased efficiency.
  7. Blade Pitch: The ceiling fans with 4 blades are known to have a higher value for the blade pitch which generate more airflow. Although this would imply the requirement of more power, there is no ignoring the higher efficiency in comparison to the 3 blade ceiling fans.

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