6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Tile

It is simply the truth to say that one of the busiest parts of a house is the kitchen and its design and outlook is very important. The kitchen can have several types of tiles applied differently for beautification. Glossy tiles would be unsuitable for a kitchen floor as it could cause an accident due to its slippery nature but it still fits the walls of a kitchen. Many companies like Carreaux Metro do offer advice to customers before they make a decision though, however, here are some tips to guide you on the perfect choice of a kitchen tile are outlined below:

#1: Determine tile positioning

The position of the kitchen where the tile would be laid is important in making a choice of tiles to be used. The back of the stove can be decorated with tiles as a backslash or behind the upper cabinet. Kitchen floors can also be lined with non-glossy tiles to avoid a slippery nature.

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#2:Differentiate between tiles

Tiles are of different makeups and functions. Vinyl, cork and bamboo tiles are frequently used for kitchen floorings while glass tiles are usually used for the walls. Other materials that could be used as tiles include stone, ceramic, porcelain and quarry. Different sections of the kitchen should be carefully consideredand choice of tile type should be wisely chosen.

#3:Consider your budget

Kitchen tiles should be selected following your budget plan. Some inexpensive materials like vinyl and linoleum can be purchased for low budget plan while materials like custom-made ceramic tiles which are expensive can also be used for personal aesthetic preference.

#4:Consider durability and lifestyle

The kitchen countertops which you are to line with tiles must be easy to clean and maintain and must be durable to hold hot utensils such as fry pans. Ceramic tiles fit this purpose,but sometimes the surfaces are uneven and crack easily. The choice of tile must match your family’s lifestyle.

#5:Consider your family’s habit when choosing floor tiles

Kitchen floor tiles must be safe and withstand heavy traffic, concentrated cleaning materials. A busy kitchen with alot of movements from family members should have floor tile with ahigh coefficient of friction to avoid accidents from oil or liquid spills while walking.Quarry tiles givean elegant and refined look,but it is costly.

#6Consider cost-effective backslash tile

Materials such as porcelain, ceramics, glass,and metal or stone materials are choices for a beautiful backslash tile.

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