5 Ways to Accessorize Your Living Room

Despite the fact that adding accessories is the last step in many home improvement projects, it’s importance can’t be underscored. Homeowners that are moving to a new house or have plans to redesign their homes are often searching for creative ways to handle this task and save money. Perhaps you’ve settled for shabby chic décor or any other style, we’ve got you covered with the following tips.

  • Theme

A significant number of people want a customized home that offers comfort all the time. Choosing a theme at the very beginning will help to simplify the entire process. In addition, you can start looking for the right elements or create some of the things you need. Ensure that you go for the accessories that match your preferred theme to achieve a well-coordinated look. This isn’t applicable when you’re going for an eclectic décor style. It should be noted that there is no need to match everything or select the accessories that you don’t need.   

  • Walls

The walls give ample room for accessorizing because you can come up with cool decorating ideas at this stage. Painting an accent wall with neutral or bold colors is very easy. It will easily blend with any style including farmhouse décor. Apart from that, consider using tiles, stone, fabric, wallpaper or artwork for designing an accent wall. Other options are using mirrors to make your space appear larger and hanging pictures on the wall.  

  • Color scheme

Some décor styles will allow you to play around with colors while a few colors are ideal for the rest. However, opting for the latter doesn’t mean that your home should appear drab. Try to mix and match pillows and other elements that are made of different patterns in this type of situation. Choose a unique color scheme in order to know the type of accessories you need. These accessories must match your wall and furniture.

  • Lighting

Light fixtures are one of the must-have accessories for any home. They have the power to transform the appearance of both the indoor and outdoor space instantly. There are lots of options to choose from such as chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps and recessed lighting. Installing LED light fixtures helps to conserve energy and they tend to last longer. Another way to brighten up a room is to invest in scented candles. Most of them have a calming effect, improve sleeping habits and the respiratory system and can serve as insect repellants.

  • Plants

Different houseplants can go a long way to tone down furniture in each room. Artificial plants usually come in handy when decorating a home, but they lack the ability to boost air quality like fresh flowers and plants. In case you find it daunting to maintain a garden, plant succulents, and herbs inside and around your home. The former is very easy to maintain while the latter can be used for cooking and as home remedies for several conditions.  

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